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The Merrickville Motor Pool is a loose group of people dedicated to the preservation and continued use of old and new military vehicles. As well as preserving the memory of the men and women that served our country who spent hundreds if not thousands of hours driving them to help protect us and our way of life.

The preservation of military vehicles is an important one. More and more these days, governments as well as the military no longer wish to sell military vehicles to the public for concerns of possible future liabilities. So these trucks are either being sold as scrap, or not being sold to the public at all. If this trend continues, future generations will no longer be able to see and interact with these pieces of our history, other than in a museum. This is a great shame, as one cannot truly appreciate these vehicles without touching or sitting inside of them to experience what our men and women in uniform went through. Viewing them from behind a roped off area is not the same. Also, by keeping these vehicles in running condition, they can be used in parades and other outdoor activities where most museum pieces are generally not displayed.

The MMP meets at various times during the year for various reasons. From planning that next parade, to repair work shops, to even just sitting around and talking about that future truck purchase (yeah, there is never just "one"). Most meets occur at our site just outside the beautiful town of Merrickville, Ontario. Centrally located between Kingston and Ottawa (1hour east of Kingston, 15mins north of Brockville or 30mins south of Ottawa), we are easy to reach by most people from all over the region.

Bring your military vehicles or other military equipment. We have a large selection on site. From smaller 1/4ton Iltis jeeps, pick up trucks, generators, deuce and a half's, all the way up to massive vehicle transporters! If it is green, we welcome it!

You do not need to own a military vehicle to join one of our meets (but we are sure that by the end of the meet your will want one!). Everyone is welcome. Children are welcome, but must be under the supervision of their parents at all times.

You are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions!




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